• Hello, this is Yong Guo, a D3 student from S. Tanaka lab. I attended the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS) from 3rd to 8th, Sep., 2023 at Montreal international conference center, Montreal, Canada. In this blog, I will share my experience in the symposium. The IUS is one of the world’s largest symposiums in the field of ultrasonics. This year, 1585 abstracts are submitted to the IUS,... 続きを読む
  • Thanks for reading this Blog. This is Wang Shihe. I’m glad to share the experience in Transducers 2023 with you. I once wrote the blog for my first business trip in Japan, it’s like a coincidence that I was chosen to write another blog for my last business trip. The Transducers 2023 conference was held in Kyoto from 25th to 29th June. The Transducers is the biggest international conference in the... 続きを読む
  • Hello, this is Yong Guo, a D2 student from S. Tanaka lab. I attended the Joint Conference of the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium and the European Frequency and Time Forum (IFCS/EFTF) from 5.15 – 5.19, 2023 in Toyama. In this blog, I will share my experience in the conference. The conference was built to discuss the most recent advances and trends in the areas of time and frequency... 続きを読む
  • MEMS2023に参加してきました!!!!!!!!!! Participation in MEMS 2023!!!!!!!!(15~19, January, 2023 at Science Congress Center Munich in Munich) MEMSはその名前の通り、MEMSに関する世界的な国際会議であり、様々な新研究が口頭形式とポスター形式で発表されます。今回東北大学全体では7人、田中秀治研究室では4人、修士2年生のSekiguchi、博士課程3年生のGongさん、卒業生のChenさん(22年度10月に研究... 続きを読む
  • Happy New Year! This is Andrea (Assist. Prof.) and I wrote this blog post to share the recent 忘年会 (End of year party) in our lab. This party was special because it was the first event we could enjoy in-person in almost three years after the farewell party in early 2020, but also it served as the farewell party for Khan-san, who has been part of our laboratory for many years. We went to a rest... 続きを読む
  •   Hello, everyone, this is Qi Xuanmeng, a D3 student in the lab.   From Nov. 14 to 17, many lab members and I attended the 39th Sensor Symposium on-site in Tokushima. Due to the worldwide corona pandemic, Sensor Symposium has been held virtually for about 2 years, I was excited that we were able to attend the conference in person this year. Compared with the virtual conferences held onl... 続きを読む
  • Hello, this is Guo Yong, a D2 student in Tanaka lab. In this blog, Ferriady san and I would like to share our experiences about USE (Symposium on UltraSonic Electronics). In my part, the first and the second day will be introduced. The rest will be introduced by Ferriady san. From Guo: The symposium was held from 7th to 9th November 2022 at Doshisha University, Kyoto. In our lab, Tanaka sense... 続きを読む
  • Hello everyyone, this is Tang(M1). On September 15th, our lab held a farewell party for graduated students. This year, six students in total finished their studies in Tanaka Shuji Lab. Jianlin Chen-san, Ziyi Liu-san, Huayu Wang-san, Linxin Zhang-san graduated from doctoral course, Jifu Zhang-san completed his master course, and Samuel Claesson-san finished his exchange study in Tohoku University.T... 続きを読む
  • Hello, everyone, this is Jianlin Chen, D3 student in the lab.During April 20 to 21, I were glad to attend the 13th MEMS Engineer Forum (MEF) on site in Tokyo. Since 2020, MEF was held virtually due to Covid-19. The 2022 event was scheduled to be held in-person at the KFC Hall, with thorough COVID-19 infection control measures in place. Foreigners can attend the conference from outside of Japan. I ... 続きを読む
  • Hello, this is Jianlin Chen, a D3 student in the lab. In this blog, Hamza and I wrote our thoughts after MEMS2022 to share our experience in Tokyo with you.From Chen:During 2022.01.09 to 2022.01.13, there were 14 members in our lab to attend MEMS2022 conference chaired by Prof. Zhihong Li and Prof. Shuji Tanaka at Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo. I was happy to attend MEMS2022 in Tokyo even und... 続きを読む

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