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2015/08/20 The send-off party of Travis-san and Tanaka-kun.

Hello everyone!
I am Shao Chenzhong, DC1 student.

This August, Travis-san, one of our researchers, left Japan to America to start his doctoral course at University of California Irvine, and Tanaka-kun, DC2 student, went to study abroad in Fraunhofer of Germany for half a year. Therefore, Suzuki-san and I held a send-off party for them. As shown in the following two pictures, many students and staffs attended, and we had a wonderful time.

20150820Farewellparty1.jpg 20150820Farewellparty2.jpg

As usual, we ordered some beer and juice, after a short toast by Muroyama-sensei, with the sound of “Kannpai”, the send-off party started. At the party, we tried several kinds of beers, wines and even juices (all-you-can-drink). We ate the delicious food most of which I never seen before. We talked about the name of the drink, the taste of the food and even the holding ways of chopsticks, almost everything except research.


When we drunk enough, Travis-san and Tanaka-kun gave us a short speech respectively. During the speech, Travis-san shown his thanks to the help from our lab, and Tanaka-kun shown his great expectations of the new study life in Germany. Then Tanaka-sensei gave us a speech to thank Travis-san for his outstanding work and express his best wishes for both of them.

20150820Farewellparty4.jpg 20150820Farewellparty5.jpg

After the speech-time, it was the gift-time. As presented in the following picture, there were two presents. One of them is the traditional Glass-Cr-Au memorial plate. The other one is a black bell embedded with Hirose chips which may have some hidden functions.


Travis-san seems pretty happy. After tasting the dessert, this party went to the end.

In China, there is an old saying, read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles(読万卷書,行万里路). It is very important to read many books, many papers, and do a lot of experiments. It is also very important to go to some other places to expand your horizon. The amazing things that other culture, other people with their unique thinking ways give you will be beyond your imagination.

Travis-san and Tanaka-kun, may you guys have a wonderful journey.

Best regards,
Shao Chenzhong