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Farewell party 2016

On March 15~16, we had farewell party for some students who will graduate or leave Tanaka laboratory soon. We went to 鳴子温泉郷中山平温泉「仙庄館」(Sensho-kan at Naruko hotsprings) in this year.


At the beginning, Tanaka-sensei gave us greeting for this farewell party. It was so delicious meals that everyone enjoyed eating and talking.


At second party, Kumano –sensei gave us precious talk for graduate students.


We held “Shuji (習字)” challenge for graduate students on the second party, which is Japanese style of writing. Tanaka -san (D2) instructed them how to write “Tohoku(東北)” with ink brush on Japanese writing paper.


(From left side)
Barbin -san (Russia), Koleda –san (Russia), Kimura –san (Aomori), Kurth –san (Germany) and Schroeder –san (Germany).


M1 students (Sato –san and Suzuki -san) presented special presents for graduate students. They also prepared hand-made memorial penholders which are fabricated by micro technology, 3D printer and wood processing. The graduate students seemed to be surprised at the hand-made presents.


We enjoyed this farewell party very much. We talked each other until midnight. I believe it encourages their new start from April. At last, we appreciate Sato –san and Suzuki –san for organizing this event!