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Experience of Exchange Period in Tanaka Lab

This is Muhammad Jehanzeb Khan worked as a special research student in Tanaka Lab from April 2013 to March 2014 on the "Fabriction Process of TSV for MEMS-LSI Integration"

When I reached here from Italy as an exchange student, I was quite new and didn't had experience of work with Japanese staffs. After I started my work, my colleagues helped me out in the every troubles that I faced during my research work. I also had informal discussion related to famous places in Japan with my collegues. They suggested many places like Hokkaido Region, Kyoto, Osaka, Okinawa, Tokyo, Hiroshima etc. When I visited some of these places they were out of this world, I enjoyed my time during visiting these places and that was quite helpful for me to understand the culture of Japan.

I also attended two confrences during my stay, which showed the schedule flexibilty during my exchange period. One of them was "International Symposium on Wearable Health Care Sensors" and the other conference was "4th Japan-China-Korea joint MEMS Conference". both of these conference were related to my field, and I had complete freedom in order to attend these conferences.

After almost 1 year of stay in this Lab, I have good knowledge of Japanese culture, the
things which I liked are that Japanese people know how to give respect to other people and how to help people when they are in trouble. This visit to Japan intorduced many new dimensions to my personality, and I hope that this experience will help me in future.

At the end, I will just thank all my lab members and all the Japanese people for making good contribution to this world by your hard work.