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Party celebrating Prof. Esashi's IEEE Andrew S. Grove Award

We celebrated Esashi-sensei’s IEEE Andrew S. Grove Award with the attendees of Microsystem Integration Seminar on February 10. First, Ono-sensei introduced the award and the ceremony at IEEE MEMS Conference, and offered his congratulations as the representative of Tohoku MEMS group members. Then, Mr. Hideo Shindo, Executive Vice President for Industry-University Collaboration, Tohoku University and Mr. Susumu Kaminaga, Former President of Sumitomo Precision Products, gave congratulatory addresses. Mr. Shindo told that Esashi-sensei had been well known as “Mr. MEMS”, “Mr. Industry-University Collaboration” and “Mr. International Collaboration” in Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Also, Muroyama-sensei made a short speech as the representative of laboratory members. Esashi-sensei showed us the medal in gold, and gave a speech to express his pleasure and happiness. Yuko Suzuki-san played an important role to hand over a bouquet to Esashi-sensei. Finally, our best photographer, Ishikawa-san kindly took a group photograph, and Tanaka-sensei wrapped up the party by his closing address. We would like to thank Takoshima-san and Ohtaka-san, who prepared the party.