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Stay in Germany 1: Departure

Guten Abend.
Hello, everyone!

I'm Ryosuke Kaneko, M2 student.
Now, I'm at Chemnitz in Germany to study abroad at Technical University of Chemnitz (TUC) where Fraunhofer institute for Electronic NANO Systems (ENAS) is located.
I will stay here from April to the end of August.

Last week, Hayasaka-san held send-off party for me. Many students and staffs joined. Many members including Prof. Tanaka encouraged me on the party.
I couldn't believe I left Japan in the week before the party.
After the party, however, I felt my new life in Germany was approaching.


On March 29th (Sun), I left for Germany.
My family came to see me off at the Narita Airport.
First, I went Moscow with over 10 hours flight, and then leave for Dresden.
This flight view is near Dresden Airport. Vast field, beautiful green, colorful houses・・・.
It was really impressive view for me.

Frömel-san came to meet me at the airport.
We went to Chemnitz by his car and had German traditional dinner together. What a special treatment!

Next day, I went to Fraunhofer ENAS and met some members including Vogel-san and Wei-Shan Wang -san who stayed Esashi/Tanaka laboratory before.

From next week, my new research life will start. I'd like to do my best in ENAS.
I will report ENAS and some other topics on this blog from next time.

Auf Wiedersehen.
Good bye!