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Welcome party(2015.11.16)

If you ask me what impresses me the most in Japan at firs, the answer must be the nice weather, polite people, what's more, the ability of solving problem by oneself. So in this way, senior students gave us a wonderful welcome party.
The welcome party was at 12:00, on Monday. That morning I was working in MNC and wondering how to cook the food for the party. But to my surprise, when I come back to the office room, I was told that all the food had been prepared well! The senior students had prepared for several hours for it!
After the warm opening greeting given by Prof. Tannaka, the party began. Look at the photo, just like a big family, isn't it?(^ω^ ≡ ^ω^)
Besides the delicious 寿司, there was several other delicious food that I still didn't know the name. Every really enjoyed the food.
Of course, the most popular item is the cotton candy by Sato san. It was really amazing because the tools were all made by himself.
Suzuki san was the first to try the cotton candy. Although his evaluation was "まあ~", all the members expected a lot.( ^o^)<ンンンンンンンンンンンンンンンww
Everyone waited for the cotton candy. And Sato san, really thank you.
Sun san was waiting for his cotton candy.
As a newcomer, I really thank you for preparing such a wonderful party.And I feel fortunate to be a member of Tanaka Lab

Liu Cong