Internationality of Tanaka laboratory ~part 1~

Good morning, readers,
From this time, we will introduce internationality of this laboratory.

At present, we have many foreigner students and researchers from China, India, Germany, Russia, Morocco, Indonesia and Vietnam, and so on. The number of foreigner students is almost same as that of Japanese students. Therefore, we often communicate in English at many situations such as experiments and presentation.

Today, we will introduce messages from two students who are staying in this laboratory.

Shao Chenzhong (D1, from China)
 I am Shao Chenzhong from China, a doctoral course student of Tanaka Shuji Laboratory. During my master study, I was doing a research about the skip loading system used in coal mine. In this system, many sensors provide important information for system controlling. However, instead of just using outputs of sensors, I became interested in the internal mechanism of sensors. So I joined Tanaka Shuji Laboratory, which is good at making devices with its core competence, MEMS technology.

 Now I am in a project which aims to build a tactile sensor network system to support tactile sense of robots. In this project, our group needs to fabricate tactile sensors, design CMOS-LSIs (Large Scale Integrated circuit), program an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) and write a software on a computer. So there are many staffs and students with different specialties in our group, and focusing on different assignments. Recently, we have built a primary version of our tactile sensor network system, and my present research is to evaluate its performance, find the problem and solve it.

 Besides our group, there are five other groups focusing on different research topics or projects in our lab. In each group, there are many excellent staffs and students whom you can learn so many things from.

Najoua Assila (M1, from Morocco)
 Freshly out of classes, where the thrill and joy of learning something new is an everyday feeling, doubts and apprehension about the next step are in order. What if this feeling is lost forever, what if the satisfaction isn’t met anymore, what if I get trapped doing something that doesn’t inspire me at all, or worse, something I hate? These are the questions that roamed my mind before I chose which laboratory to join and I assume these are the same questions that go through everyone’s mind before taking such a big decision. The best way to solve such a problem is to tackle it logically, and as such Tanaka Shuji Laboratory was my final choice.
 Firstly, how to make sure you will never feel stuck or bored? Choose a multidisciplinary research field. MEMS offers you just that, a beautiful mix of mechanics, physics, electronics, design,… and through the utility of its devices, any field is for sure fair game. Every day is a new opportunity to be amazed by the beauty of science; and in our laboratory, working on latest technologies, you get a first row ticket to the show. Yet, the best part is that you are a spect-actor, and you get to leave your print on the evolution of technology, if you want to.
 Secondly, how to ensure you keep learning something new every day? Our laboratory consists of 6 different groups with different research themes; join in the bimonthly meetings and learn from other different laboratory members; work hard and you get a close look of world leading researchers’ work in international conferences. And to top your research experience, you get to do it in a convivial open space, working with people that eventually grow on you.
 I wouldn’t say that it is all smooth sailing, you will face difficulties and hitches, research is all about solving them, but in our laboratory, you are encouraged to challenge yourself to solve them and grow as a researcher, no idea is too small to be considered; and with the guidance of the professors and fellow students, you are sure to succeed.

Thank you for your message, Shao-san, Assila-san.
Next time, we will introduce some advantages of this international laboratory.
See you soon.

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