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Review of kiso zemi

Written by Liu Cong of D1
In past 10 weeks, if you asked me what I would do on Monday, my answer would be the kiso zemi. Yes, as teaching assistant (TA), I joined in this class given by Prof. Tanaka.
It is my first experience of being TA, so actually I was a little nervous before the first lesson. I don’t know what I should do for the lesson. Fortunately Prof. Tanaka explained patiently to students and me about the aims of the lesson so that all of us have a clear goal in my mind. The 6 students were also kind and friendly. To my surprise, most of them had the experience living abroad (it is a little strange for me to say the word “abroad”, www. Here I mean the countries outside Japan). So we were able to develop dialogue in extensive perspective.
What was much more important was the active participation of every speakers of our lab. The first speech lesson was given by Neelam san, Chand san and Salman san. They brought elaborate slides and opened a brand-new world to the students and me. For me, the diverse islands in Indonesia and also the diverse culture in India impressed me most. It made me feeling they are great countries because of the inclusivity. These speakers gave good starting point of kiso zemi.
Subsequently Froemel sensei, Tanaka san and Kaneko san gave the second lesson. Of course the theme was Germany. The German education system introduced by Froemel sensei made me think a lot, especially when I compared it with Chinese current one. I really think it may be better idea for China inducing some kind of German education rules. However, perhaps for the students, the Japanese views about Germany from Tanaka san and Kaneko san were more practical. These advices were really important for the B1 students for them planning their life.
The third lesson was given by Wang san, Zhou san, Sun san and me. We introduced again China to Japanese students. I say “again”, because as we know, the Japanese and Chinese cultures share too many common points. But we tried show some new things presently happening in China. I didn’t know whether speech information was enough but I was sure that it helped Japanese students recognize a developing China.
At the beginning of the fourth lesson, Hayasaka san joined our zemi via Skype from UC Berkeley. He gave a nice speech about his life course and his present life in America. His tortuous and excellent life impressed everyone in the classroom. Hayasaka san overcame all of any difficulties and his valued experiences inspired all of us.
After Hayasaka san’s speech, we had the “ladies’ meeting”. Three excellent female speechers, Nguyen san, Assila san and Thao san, gave enthusiastic reports about their own countries. Vietnamese delicious food and Moroccan beautiful sceneries gave me a great impression. After their introduction, I really begin to plan the tour to these countries.
Not only I but also all the students absorbed massive knowledge and broadened the view. At the last lesson, students shared their gains through presentations. Everyone thought highly of these experiences.
During the whole above process, Tanaka sensei provided elaborate and patient guidance. Here I appreciate for Tanaka sensei’s giving me such a chance as TA. I also must say thanks to every speaker for their perfect work. Thank you very much. Below are some pictures during the zemi and I am sorry for only few pictures (not including all speakers).