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A summer internship at Kyocera Company

“A summer internship at Kyocera Company”
- Amazing and unforgettable memories.

Pham Ngoc Thao (ファン ンゴ タオ)
Tanaka Shuji Laboratory,
School of Engineering, Tohoku University

 Firstly, I would like to highly appreciate the chance of an internship in Kyocera Company, which is one of the most developing companies in Japan with the long history. Kyocera’s global operations deliver a diverse range of products, including advanced materials, components, devices, equipment, network engineering and other services. Therefore, I believe the position in Kyocera internship summer is excellent chance to supplement and develop my technically skills which I have learned from the university. Additionally, I was very curious the working style in Japanese companies and their successes. As the expected things, I was highly motivated to join the summer internship in such a company, like Kyocera.

 After 10days of the internship, “More than expected things” was only the expression which I could say. In Kyocera, I worked in R&D Center-Keihana under the elaborate and patient guidance of the great leader with his perfect team. The working time at the company is from 08:45 to 17:30, everyone work hard, strictly, and efficiently. Especially, I was really impressed because all staff always gave me their warm smiles with the expression “otsukaresama desu”. It was great because I felt recognized as a part of the company, even I just stayed in Kyocera Company only 10days. In R&D Center-Keihana, I had many opportunities to learn a lot with the help of all lab members, and present my opinions for developing the project which I joined. On the other hand, all the staff always supported me not only in the work but also in the day life. After working time, everybody usually encouraged me to speak Japanese language and we enjoyed the traditional dishes and visited the best sightseeing spots in Kyoto and Nara including the Kinkakuji Temple, Nara Park, Todaiji Temple and more.

 The internship time, 10 days, passed much faster than thought. The final day of my internship has been coming, I shown a presentation in front of the members of the group. In spite of short internship time, I hope that my researching results would positively contribute to the project of Kyocera Company

 A message to the other student, I think that Kyocera company is one of the best companies to pursue the further research of young researchers after graduating because of their professional and favorable atmosphere of research in the hands-on facilities. Finally, I would like to send my deeply thanks to Kyocera company for offering this great internship and warmly appreciate Prof. Tanaka, and Assoc. Prof. Yoshida for strongly supporting my internship. I wish that Kyocera Company will become more and more development and success in the future.

 Below are some nice pictures during my internship in Kyocera Company.

Internship in Kyocera Company