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The 33th Sensor Symposium and The 8th Symposium on Integrated MEMS Symposium were held in Hirado, Nagasaki. Keynote speech in the first day was given by Mr. Akira Takata, Founder of Japanet TAKATA, which is a TV shopping company familiar to all Japanese people. Hirado is his hometown. The title of his speech is “Always Have a Dream and Make the Best Effort”. The audience was strongly attracted by his talk and humor. The summary is as follows.

We should always have a dream. I am 67 years old but have dreams, which motivate me to live 50 years more. It is important to do the best at every moment. It is not productive to repeatedly regret the past fails and to be too much anxious about the future uncertainness. The present is connecting to the future, and thus you can change the future by changing the present. Your current effort eventually helps yourself, although no one knows when it comes.
It is important to let other people know what you are doing. Without it, your effort would yield nothing in the society. For instance, your good product is never purchased or used, if its benefit is not well explained. Effective presentation needs skill. Pause, gesture and eyeline are keys.

After the session, I (Tanaka) had a chance to talk with Mr. Takata in front of the booth of our laboratory.