1st prize at iCAN 2019 preliminary contest


On April 14th, 2nd-grade students (Naoki Yoshizawa, Daiki Nakao, Mahoro Sakurai and Shimon Tajima) won the 1st prize at the preliminary contest of "International Contest of InnovAtion (iCAN'19)".
In this contest, students made a system that uses micro devices, and copmete for the novelty, usefulness, perfection and originality.
In this year, 17 teams from Miyagi, Fukushima, Tokyo, Aichi, Kyoto, Hyougo prefectures were entried.

Yoshizawa-kun took our cource "Soudaou Kougaku Kensyu" .
After finish the cource, he and his college made a team to prepare for the contest.

The system is designed to monitor the 3D location of an object. They uses motor-controlled two cameras. Each camera trasks the oaject. From the results of two cameras, the 3D location was calculated by using the principle of triangulation.

They made all of the components, including micro-controller, mechanical parts and computer programs, by themselves.
Even 4 days before the contest, it has some problems. But due to their great effort, they could solve the problems in a few days, and finally got 1st prize.

The international contest will be held on June 22th - 24th at Berlin, Germany.

Takashiro Tsukamoto


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